“Beacon saves us £3,000 a month by optimising our clients’ digital marketing spend”

Daniel Smith, Managing Director

Fireworx – Ranked UK top 10 agency by The Drum

“Beacon saves us £3,000 a month by optimising our clients’ digital marketing spend”

Daniel Smith, Managing Director

Fireworx – Ranked UK top 10 agency by The Drum

Our business is all about real people with the integrity and commitment to deliver software and services that support and help improve our customers’ business success.

By sticking to our independent, transparent approach we’ve built a solid business platform and an approach that organisations can trust.
This supports our values of: transparency, honesty and trust.

If you share these values, we would be very interested to talk to you about our partner programme.

Types of partner

1) Sales Partner

Become a Beacon Sales/Service Partner and build consulting services alongside the Beacon software whilst earning referral fees when introducing new customers.

The Sales Partner programme is for:

  • Technology/CRM implementers who recommend software solutions to clients. Typically working with SMEs who need an easy to use/easy to implement solution.
  • Sales Consultants/coaches/trainers and Business Advisors who offer, for example, digital strategy services, to companies who want to grow their businesses via digital marketing, implement new processes and adopt up-to- date software to help them to sell more.

2) Technology Partner

For companies that want to build an integration between their technology and Beacon in order to grow their own customer base by leveraging their existing technology stack and offer an amazing digital marketing intelligence platform.

Companies will be considered as partners if there an overlap between their customers and our customers and/or their software/technology is complementary to our digital marketing intelligence approach.

3) Agency Partner

Our origins in the marketing agency world means that we understand agency-client relationships. We’ve developed the Beacon Partner Program for Agencies to help agencies to grow their business by providing exceptional digital marketing and sales services to their clients, helping the client to achieve real business results and helping the agency to expand their service offering to their clients and increase revenue opportunities and client retention.

Just as we’re passionate about creating a powerful digital marketing intelligence platform, we’re equally passionate about empowering and supporting our agency partners. Aside from our software platform, we give our agency partners the guidance and support to help them and their clients grow and succeed.

Here’s how a partnership with Beacon can help an agency improve its client engagements…

  • Prove Value and Increase Revenue Per Client
    Offer real and accurate insights with comprehensive lead-to-revenue reporting allows the agency to build larger retainer agreements with clients. By showing them the ROI of their digital marketing campaigns, agencies can demonstrate the ROI of their services, making it easier to incorporate new strategies and services into each client engagement.
  • Create Higher-Value Relationships
    Agencies can grow by becoming an integrated and indispensable partner to their clients and grow monthly recurring revenue by moving from unpredictable project work to retainer-based relationships. This helps to improve client retention by offering repeatable services that keep clients engaged in recurring retainer services.
  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Beacon agency partners have a clear view into all the data and reporting necessary to quantify the ROI of client spend on digital marketing and advertising — all in one place. For the agency, this means the potential to save loads of time, streamline internal processes and improve operational efficiency.

Beacon provides agencies and their clients with a single source of the truth that is totally transparent. It’s the agency and clients own data from Beacon that powers the analytics and insights, NOT the data fed back from the various platforms. Beacon also takes the non-human traffic (e.g. bots, click fraud etc.) out of the final analysis, meaning that marketing and spending decisions are based on the real results of real human engagement generated by digital marketing campaigns.

Want to know more?

For more information on the opportunity to become a Beacon Partner, please email partner@thisisbeacon.com