The death of the cookie and the invasion of the bots

Wed, 20 March 2019
18:00 - 21:00 GMT

Cha Lounge
24-26 Dock Street
Leeds LS101JF


How to understand the challenges, measure the impact and adapt your advertising campaigns to maximise ROI.

Modern marketers face a number of challenges when planning and implementing cost-effective campaigns. In this seminar we will be explaining two of the biggest challenges marketers must face and overcome:

  • 28% of website traffic is non-human
  • The tracking cookies that advertisers rely upon today, will not be available tomorrow

Our expert speakers will quantify the impact on your advertising campaigns and also be sharing strategies that enable you to adapt and thrive. They’ll be sharing insights into some of the latest tools, technologies and techniques for addressing these challenges, allowing you to continue to deliver effective advertising. Join us and stay up to date.

In ‘The death of the cookie’ you will learn:

  • The principles of how advertising cookies work and what would happen without them,
  • Why legislators think tracking cookies need to be further controlled with legislation,
  • Why Apple have started to block tracking cookies,
  • How is the advertising world preparing for a world without cookies.

In ‘Invasion of the bots’ you will learn:

  • Just how a big a problem ‘bot fraud’ has become for the advertising industry,
  • How to measure the impact of bots on your campaigns,
  • Practical steps that you can take to identify and block bots,
  • How to keep ahead of ad-fraud in the future.

The Speakers

Stewart BoutcherLinkedIn

Tim Flagg – LinkedIn

Includes a selection of craft beer, wine, coffee, cocoa or soft drink for all attendees, plus some famous Cha Lounge food. If you haven’t tried it before, don’t miss out now!