10th November 2022

Display Ads

Display is much more botty by nature and also harder to protect, because "search" (as in search ads) is done on the Google platform which has intrinsic bot protection on it (provided by Google themselves), which blocks a lot of known bots. Whereas display happens on other non-Google owned websites, which are unlikely to have [...]READ MORE
4th July 2022

BCN.TO Links

Changing https://mysite.com to https://mysite.bcn.to So far for your Beacon trial, we have been in the detect phase to assess the extent of the problem you have with bots. Now you are ready to enter the protect phase and to do this we need you to change the URLs on your ad links from https://mysite.com to [...]READ MORE
1st July 2022

Performance Max Campaigns

We cannot IP exclude bots on Performance Max campaigns (PMC), nor can we exclude audiences as these types of campaigns don’t allow any audience targeting or exclusion. This is entirely down to a Google internal decision, which we at Beacon believe does nothing other than decrease performance visibility & campaign management, to the detriment of […]

29th June 2022

Book a Client Success Call

Book a Client Success Call. Have you completed this list? Have you completed the onboarding questionnaire? Have you created your Beacon account and validated your email address? Have you added the first website you are protecting into the Beacon app? Have you added the Beacon bot detector tag to that website? Have you connected your [...]READ MORE
1st June 2022

Multi-Site Tracking

Beacon Multi-Site tracking is a package we can enable on websites or domains, that cause them to act as one single system to the end user. For example for account website.com but the landing page is register.website.com, the multi-site system allows the journey to be tracked across these different sites. Why is it needed? Beacon […]

25th May 2022

Offboarding Process

We’re sorry to hear you are leaving Beacon! We’d like to make sure that parting ways is as easy & simple as it can be, with no impact on your ongoing digital marketing activity. In the next 7 days, you must – 1) Remove the Beacon shared exclusion audience (Beacon Bot Trap: All detected bots) from […]

26th April 2022

UTM Parameters for Tracking Templates

Facebook Ads Description UTM Parameter Campaign Name utm_campaign= {{campaign.name}} Ad ID fad_id= {{ad.id}} Channel Name utm_source= {{adset.name}} Description utm_content= {{ad.name}} Sample: &fad_id={{ad.id}}&utm_campaign={{campaign.name}}&utm_source={{adset.name}}&utm_content={{ad.name}} Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2360940870872492. Google Ads Description UTM Parameter Campaign Name utm_campaign= {_campaign}* Ad ID gad_id= {creative} Channel Name utm_source= {_channel}* Description utm_content= {_content}* *These need to be set manually. See Custom Parameter instructions: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6325879?hl=en-GB [...]READ MORE
13th April 2022

The Beacon Tag

The Beacon Tag The Beacon on-site bot detection platform consists of several interrelated JavaScript packages. The primary package is the "Bloader" (boot loader) which is the snippet of JavaScript we ask you to add to your website. Upon page load, the Bloader asynchronously communicates with the Beacon servers to determine what further packages it needs [...]READ MORE
22nd March 2022

Getting Protected

OverviewGoogle AnalyticsAdding ProtectionBCN LinksMonitoring Overview Getting you Protected Now that the Beacon platform is detecting bot activity on your ad traffic, it is time to move into the protection phase – by blocking bots from engaging with you in the future. There are three easy steps to enable this. Please follow the tabs at the [...]READ MORE
22nd March 2022

Bot Exclusion Summary

Beacon’s Bot Blocking program is only for PPC campaigns in Meta (Facebook) and Google Ads (for now). For Google ads we provide an IP Blacklist of the most prolific bots we are aware of. For Facebook we provide a mechanism for creating an ever growing suppression list for you to exclude from seeing your ads. [...]READ MORE