Beacon evaluates traffic from your adverts to detect bot activity and provide suppression of bots in your digital campaigns. To enable us to do this, you will need to make some small changes to current and future digital ads; these changes depend on which ad networks you are running ads on.

You will need your Beacon dynamic link tag. This may be found in the Beacon app at (login required).

Changes required for Meta

Beacon requires that you add a minimum of 2 required URL parameters to any that you have already set; with the option to add up to 3 more for more advanced analytics.

Go to your Facebook Ad account and edit the ads you want to track with Beacon

1)  Website Link

This is should be left as it is.

2)  Simple Tracking

This is where to add the Beacon tracking templates.

This is it at it’s very simplest and will not provide any campaign data in Beacon. These settings can also be appended to any existing URL parameters you have.

3)  Using UTM Parameters (Optional)

Below is how to place the Beacon tracking templates but also how to use the UTM parameters to build campaigns and channels in the Beacon app.

This uses the dynamic variables from Facebook to build a campaign in the Beacon app with the name of your campaign, a channel with the name of your ad set and a link description with the name of the ad. The variables can be found here.

This can be adapted to work with existing UTM settings you already have in place. Contact to Support for instructions on how to do this.

If you still have any questions regarding placing Beacon links in Meta, please contact Support.