Beacon dynamic links are a quick way to take advantage of Beacon tracking and bot suppression in digital PPC campaigns without having to create a short link for every ad. A single URL for each landing page is used across all ads in each platform, when this link is first clicked it populates the Beacon app with the Campaign Name, Channel and Link Description using the details from the ad network.

This link has to do a lot of heavy lifting so is somewhat complicated, here we go about explaining the parts and how to create one for use one your ads.

1. Facebook

a. The URL

This is your website URL changed from “…” to “…

b. The Landing Page


If your destination is your home page you can skip this, otherwise it needs to be the relative location of your landing page.

c. The Campaign


This gets the Facebook campaign name and uses it for the campaign name in Beacon.

d. The Channel


This gets the Facebook Channel, either fb, ig, an or msg.

e. The Link Description


This gets the Facebook ad name for use as the link description in the Beacon app.

f. Ad ID


This gets the Facebook ad id and is used to import the Facebook spend and click data for the ad.

g. Unique Identifier Code (bcndyn=??????????)

This is a unique code used to identify your link clicks and can be found in the account section of your Beacon account, see here.

7. Example dynamic link for Facebook{{}}&utm_source={{site_source_name}}&utm_content={{}}&fad_id={{}}&bcndyn=d2lkOjM1fGNpZDoyMg

This link is for Beacon Facebook ads landing on our ebooks page.

If you still have any questions regarding Beacon dynamic link use, please contact Support.