Here we explain how import the spend and the clicks from your PPC campaigns.


For Facebook Ads, Google Ads and LinkedIn you can connect your accounts direct to Beacon here. Your data will be imported automatically every day.

More detail on this can be found here.

With Beacon’s click data import facility, the results of ad campaigns on networks other than Facebook or Google must be exported from the various ad platforms in specific formats. Here we explain how to do it.

Manual Method

Select the link for which you want to attribute a spend and click the spend tab.

Next you need to export a CSV file from your ad platform, each of these platforms have very specific instructions that need following closely.

Exporting click data for Twitter

Exporting click data for Reddit

Once you have exported the data from one of these platforms you will have a CSV file suitable for importing into Beacon, do not edit this file just import the raw exported file as it is.

Manually Set Data Import

To import a manual spend use this CSV file to enter your spend and click data in to. Then use the manual option to import the data in to Beacon.

Select the file from the browser, choose the relevant platform in the next dropdown and then import the CSV – and hit SAVE when the data is displayed or you will lose the imported data.